Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

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1.How to log in to Xinyue Cloud School?

  • Enter the correct website address and log in with the user name and password. If the user forgets the user name or password, you can retrieve it in the forgot user name or password function on the login page.

2.How to edit the course?

  • User can only edit the course within the scope of authority. Ordinary users, such as students, can only edit my homepage, or they may edit the profile page. Users with editing permissions, such as teachers, can use the open editing function button or link in the setting module to edit items. The administrator can edit anything.

3.In the course page, who can create and edit activities or resources?

  • Anyone with editing rights can. Normally, the teacher who created the course can edit the course and the content in the course, but the role can also be changed, renamed (for example, counselor) and then give the corresponding permissions to others.


1.How long does it take for students to learn to use Xinyue Cloud school?

  • To use Xinyue Cloud School does not require a lot of computer skills or knowledge. If there are some basic web browsing knowledge and editing skills, students (and teachers) can immediately use TIPOT Technologies School.

2.What else do students need to know before using TIPOT Technologies School?

  • They need to know how to log in to websites and courses, and they need some basic web knowledge and computer skills. For example, they need to know how the keyboard and mouse work, what the link is, and perhaps how to add, upload, or download an attachment.

3.Do students have to be online all the time to use TIPOT Technologies School?

  • TIPOT Technologies School is an online learning management system. To some extent, you and your students must spend some time online. As for how much time you spend online, it depends on what you are doing at Yueyun School. Most TIPOT Technologies School courses are learned through a combination of online and offline methods.

Basic terminology

The terminology used by TIPOT Technologies School may be the same in other online learning systems. In TIPOT Technologies School, these words have special (and possibly different) meanings, see the explanation below.

1.What is the course?

  • The course is the basic area for learning in TIPOT Technologies School, and is the place where teachers show teaching materials to students.

2.What is the category?

  • A category refers to a group of things, and a category has several explanations. Under certain standards (such as science, junior high school, staff), it can refer to a group of courses. It can also be a set of questions or a set of entries in a glossary.

3.What is the event?

  • Generally speaking, activities refer to places where students interact or interact with teachers. TIPOT Technologies School has more than a dozen activity-type tools for teachers to use in the course. Including homework, test, program teaching, vocabulary, feedback, interactive evaluation, chat, database, discussion area, voting, external tools, questionnaire, homework, cloud classroom, SCORM courseware, Wiki collaboration.

4.What are resources?

  • Resources refers to items used by teachers to help with learning, such as files or links. Resources are static. The types of resources provided by Xinyue Cloud School include tags, books, web pages, web addresses, files, folders, and IMS content packages.

5.What is the block?

  • Normally, the block refers to items that can be added to the left and right sides of the course homepage. Dozens of different blocks can be added to the course or course page.

6.What is a plug-in?

  • Plug-ins are optional additional components that can add functions to Xinyue Cloud School. Some standard plug-ins need to be opened by the administrator. If you need more plug-ins, you need to download them through the module and plug-in database.

7.What is a filter?

  • Filters can be used to add links, insert multimedia players, convert mathematical expressions or emoticons into displayed pictures.

8.What are sections?

  • Sections are the places where activities and resources are held on the course homepage. The standard course section format includes topic format, week format, community format and SCORM format./li>

9.What is the role?

  • The role of TIPOT Technologies School means that users are allowed to do (or are not allowed to do) something on the website. It will generally include students and teachers. A role is a collection of “roles and permissions”, and with it, special users can be given certain permissions under a special background. The users and roles of Xinyue Cloud School are managed by the system administrator.

Use TIPOT Technologies School for learning education

1.What is the best way to use TIPOT Technologies School?

  • There is no best way to use Xin Yueyun school. How to use TIPOT Technologies School is largely dependent on personal educational philosophy. The background setting of TIPOT Technologies School is used. Of course, I also hope to experience and create something (many). TIPOT Technologies School can use 30 years of trustworthy materials under strict control, as well as new teaching methods explored by free-loving Internet hippies.

2.Can TIPOT Technologies School be used for different subjects (such as mathematics, language, art, media, science, etc.)?

  • Of course. Xinyue Cloud School can be used in various fields. In some subjects, users can obtain greater benefits from standard or compatible third-party modules and plug-ins (for example, mathematics, Tex symbol filter (standard) or math drag company editor (third-party plug-in)).

3.How to use TIPOT Technologies School to encourage students to spend more time or ask some good questions?

  • With the help of the activities and resources in the course, students can be encouraged to go all out by asking and encouraging students who ask good questions. For example, post a provocative post on the forum and create a Wiki that requires group collaboration to solve problems.

4.How to communicate with students when using TIPOT Technologies School?

  • Many ways are possible. There are some examples: the forum module can extend the call indefinitely at any time, the message is a private channel, the chat can be synchronized conversation, and the comment is a quick notification and speech. You can also use homework for online feedback exchange and comment on blog posts.

5.How to share resources with Yueyun School?

  • Xinyue Cloud School provides several ways to share content: allow course participants to view files and folders, use a database to collect resources of any form, attach attachments when posting on forums, and import or link from external knowledge base/cloud storage Resources to Heart Yueyun School.

6.How does Xinyue Cloud School help people work together?

  • Through the use of different activities, such as Wiki can enable people to create together, forums and comments can exchange opinions, databases are used to collect information, vocabulary is used to create conceptual consensus, and you can also group students according to activities to promote collaboration.

7.How to score in TIPOT Technologies School?

  • You can create grades for each activity in the course, and then add the grades to the gradebook. For example, the results of homework (all types), quizzes, and studio activities can be automatically added to the gradebook. In some activities, you have to manually turn on the scoring system, just like opening ratings in forums, glossaries, and databases, and then send the scores to the gradebook. Of course, in the course, you can also use the gradebook to adjust, assign or automatically adjust the grading system of an activity. For some activities that cannot be automatically linked to the gradebook, such as chat or feedback, you must manually create a grade entry. There are also many ways you can give feedback to students who are still in the process of the activity without giving specific grades. As in
    In the homework module, you can also write some feedback.

8.Can students who use TIPOT Technologies School do self-assessment or peer-assessment type tasks?

  • Yes. The studio module is probably the best type of activity to do this kind of thing. In layman’s terms, students can rate (or even rate) anyone’s forum posting, vocabulary entry, and database entry.

9.Is the social constructivist approach necessary when using TIPOT Technologies School?

  • From the heart, the TIPOT Technologies School is formed by the continuous construction of special social constructivist concepts. Of course, this is not to prevent people from using the more cloud school with the heart, but in line with people’s understanding of learning in the past and the purpose of people using the cloud school with the heart.


1.How to ensure the safety of TIPOT Technologies School?

  • TIPOT Technologies School is designed to be very safe. However, security depends largely on the network server, and the way the system administrator sets it up and regularly upgrades the patch package is also very important for security.

2.Will TIPOT Technologies School be hacked or even lose student data?

  • If your website can be updated in time or the system administrator has not lost the password, Xinyue Cloud School will largely not be hacked. But anything can happen on the Internet, and Xin Yueyun School can only increase the difficulty of making trouble for the evildoer.

3.If a misoperation or accident causes the system to crash, can it be easily repaired?

  • Xinyue Cloud School can back up at any time. If you take a backup 5 minutes before the system crashes, it is still possible to repair it.

4.Are cheap or even free servers safe for student data?

  • If you set up your website on a cheap or even free server with only partial control, the question is: how much do you trust this server?

5.Is it possible to track and search what people have done on TIPOT Technologies School?

  • If you are a teacher and this is your course, then you can do this. Administrators can track and search the entire site’s actions.

6.In order not to lose things, is it possible to back up TIPOT Technologies School?

  • Yes, you can back up the entire website. If you are a teacher, you can only back up your courses and download them (if you have download permissions). With the appropriate permissions, you can restore your course and/or import part of the course content to the site or anywhere outside the site.

Inspired by the open source initiative and to offer low-cost solution with non-constrained R&D flexibility, the TIPoT platform is developed based on free open source software, with the following notable features: